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London Mayor consults on regeneration
The Mayor of London has issued a draft Good Practice Guide to Estate Regeneration. Comments are invited up to 14 March deadline. Tenants groups and campaigners are dismayed that the Mayor's draft provides little protection to those whose homes are threatened by regeneration schemes.
Mayor Sadiq Khan promised in his election manifesto that he would: 'require that estate regeneration only takes place where there is resident support, based on full and transparent consultation, and that demolition is only permitted where it does not result in a loss of social housing, or where all other options have been exhausted, with full rights to return for displaced tenants and a fair deal for leaseholders.' Residents from threatened estates and housing campaigners at Demolition Watch London are calling on the Mayor to amend his guidance to ensure:

" Do not demolish good homes
" All residents must have final say via a ballot on any regeneration/demolition plan
" Rents need to stay at council social rent levels
" Right of return must be contractually enforceable
" All financial and technical information about estates to be made public
Anyone who lives or works in London, or is concerned can email directly to:
Or write to:
Estate Regeneration consultation, Housing & Land Directorate, City Hall, The Queens Walk, London SE1 2AA Download for more.

21 February 2017
Write to MPs and Lords - 3 May
Contact MPs and Lords to oppose the Housing Bill and attend the Kill the Housing Bill meeting in parliament on 3rd May. Find MPs and Lords email addresses here or use this link .
MPs who oppose the Bill can be invited to join the lobby, and will be able to use letters from constituents as proof of widespread opposition. You can add personal information about how the Bill will affect you and others, which MPs can use in the debate.
Download the model letter/email below.

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Support Housing Bill motion
Add your support to Kill the Housing Bill. This is an issue for union members across Britain, trapped in private renting or under threat of attacks on council and housing association housing in the Bill.
Put this model motion here to your union and join resistance to the Housing Bill. Download more...
Council writes to all tenants
Campaigners against the Housing Bill are calling on local councils to speak out and organise public meetings.
A letter sent to all tenants by Islington Council, led to a meeting attended by 600 people.

All councils and housing associations can and should write to all residents. See Islington letter here.

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Organise to beat the Housing Bill
1. Contact tenant reps, unions and community organisations, with poster , petition and leaflets

2. Write to local papers, use facebook, hold local meetings

3. Do street stalls and knock doors with petition and leaflets

4.Get in touch for speakers and help:

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Housing Bill Briefing and leaflets
Order copies of Kill the Housing Bill leaflet and Briefing now. Leaflets 100=£2.50; 500 = £6; Briefing 50=£2.50; 100 = £5; or get price for more from

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Affiliate and Donate
Unlike local authorities we can't dip into the Housing Revenue Account and use tenants rents to campaign. DCH relies on affiliation fees, donations and sale of publications to get the arguments across. Raise support in your tenants association, union branch, Trades Council and political party. Download more...
Haringey - Stop the £2 billion Gamble
There is a spreading revolt against Haringey Councils housing demolition and privatisation plans, after the emergency lobby of Haringey Council at the Civic Centre, Wood Green High Road, N22 8LE, 6.00 pm, Tuesday 7th March.
Haringeys Cabinet decision to appoint the Australian developer Lendlease as the preferred bidder for the Haringey Development Vehicle (HDV) has met with dissent from several groups of councillors.
Fifteen councillors
08 Mar 2017
I Daniel Blake with Ken Loach 1 March
Ken Loach presents I, Daniel Blake. Still a few tickets left, so join a great evening of culture and resistance! Wednesday 1st March 6:30-9:45pm Thurlow Lodge Community Hall, 1 Thurlow Street, SE17 2US.
Special screening with discussion led by BAFTA award-winning director Ken Loach. Tickets for sale on Eventbrite.
This event is a benefit for Wendover Community TRA and the Aylesbury Leaseholders who are fighting the CPO of their homes.

21 Feb 2017
Occupation defies Council demolition plans
Community occupation on Aylesbury estate A community hall on the Aylesbury estate has been taken over in the latest defiance of Council demolition and clearance plans. A a meeting tonight supporters of homeless charity and food bank Divine Rescue voted to occupy Thurlow Lodge Community Hall on the Aylesbury Estate.
Residents and community activists backed by key tenant organisations across Southwark, pledged to keep the hall open and to set up a new TRA to manage the hall and represent tenants and residents.
To send a message of support, invite an occupier to your meeting or go on the occupation mailing list please email
08 Jan 2017
Protest at parliament Wed 23rd demands action on homes
A protest outside Parliament this week will demand government action to control rents, build council MORE >>
21 Nov 2016
Labour backs council housing campaign
Labour conference adopted policy backing campaign against the Housing & Planning Act, to repeal the MORE >>
28 Sep 2016
Council house building essential to beat housing crisis, says LGA
Councillor Martin Tett, housing spokesman at the Conservative-led Local Government Association (LGA) MORE >>
29 Aug 2016
Housing Act lobby at DCLG HQ 10 August
Despite the Governmentchanges, civil servants are still drafting the regulations needed toimplem MORE >>
04 Aug 2016
Storm greets new Housing Minister
The national Axe the Housing Act campaign agreed to welcome the new housing minister with a twitter MORE >>
22 Jul 2016
Council Housing Reforms Must Guarantee Funding
The long-delayed detailed proposals put some new money on the table BUT MORE >>
28 Mar 2010
Conference launches Manifesto for Council Housing
250 delegates from 59 areas at the biggest and broadest DCH conference so far MORE >>
19 Mar 2010
Tenants Vote NO To Partial Transfer
Tenants on the Ferguslie estate in Renfrewshire, Scotland, have voted NO to privatisation. MORE >>
17 Nov 2009
Campaigners vow to continue work of DCH
The first national meeting since the sad death of Alan Walter agreed to step up the work of DCH MORE >>
09 May 2009
Brown orders thousands of new council houses
DCH welcomes Brown's commitment to council housing MORE >>
30 Jan 2009
Southwark march 25 March
London Mayor's Consultation
Labour Conference meeting

Housing Act Summit 22 October

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