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Labour Party Labour's Social Housing Review and call for evidence 22 December 2017 Housing Finance,Tenants Movement,Build Council Housing,Decent Homes,Accountable,Demolition,Rents 4758

Keith Taylor Green MEP south east England Everyone knows we have a housing crisis: let's do something about it 19 March 2015 Keith Taylor MEP Housing Finance,Affordable,Build Council Housing 3403
  Green MEP calls for council house building and rent control to tackle the growing housing crisis.

Class Election 2015 briefing - Housing 19 February 2015 Class Affordable,Build Council Housing,Rents,Private Development 3337
  Call for a committment to build a target of council house building as part of Labour's manifesto. Lots of facts and figures on the housing crisis 2015 and how to tackle it.

Unite the Union MIPIM - Carving up our Communities 14 October 2014 Unite London Housing Finance,Affordable,Tenants Movement,Build Council Housing,Campaigning,Decent Homes,Demolitio 3219
  How developers are carving up public land, and why tenants, trade unions and campaigners demand councils and public bodies boycott the event and join the campaign to build council housing.

Shelter Local decisions on tenure reform 31 July 2012 Secure,Affordable,Legal,RSLs,Rents,Means Testing,Waiting Lists & Homeless 2464
  Councils are consulting on new tenancy policies, based on new powers in the Localism Act. This report sets out arguments against replacing permanent, secure homes, to fixed-term tenancies, and questions councillors and tenants should ask when preparing Tenancy Strategies and landlord Tenancy Policies

Shelter Bricks or Benefits? Rebalancing housing investment 23 May 2012 Kate Webb Housing Finance,Affordable,Build Council Housing,Rents,Means Testing 2465
  Charts the shift away from investment in new affordable homes, to higher spending on housing benefit to subsidise soaring rents. Bricks or Benefits? shows that the only sustainable way to bring down the cost of housing benefit is to cut the cost of housing. By investing in the supply of homes we can bring housing costs down and lift low-income households out of the benefit trap. This would help millions of hard working families and deliver a better deal for taxpayers.

APSE for UNISON The new green team: Local government, sustainable energy, jobs and skills 08 October 2011 Decent Homes 2466
  A report written for public services trade union UNISON and supported by the TUC, showing how investment in greener and more energy efficient buildings, homes and services can be paid for, creating jobs and improving services. It includes examples such as Wrexham Council's programme to reduce fuel bills by fitting solar panels on council homes.

The Smith Institute End of the affair: Implications of declining Home Ownership 23 June 2011 Stock Transfer,Affordable,RSLs,Rents,Sale of Assets,Private Development,Waiting Lists & Homeless 1972
  Documents the decline in home ownership and predicts on current trends owner-occupation will fall by 2 million to 15.5 million by 2020. Argues housing associations should become bigger private sector landlords. Report was financially supported by 30,000 - home Genesis Housing Association

Pricewaterhouse Coopers and Smith Institute Making the most of HRA reform 23 June 2011 Housing Finance,Rents,HRA Review,HRA Opt Out 1973

Communities and Local Government (CLG) Impact Assessment for Affordable Rent 09 June 2011 Housing Finance,Secure,Affordable,Shared/Intermediate 1974
  New housing association 'affordable rent' fixed term tenancies with up to 80% market rents, will lead to big increases in total housing benefit costs to cover high rents. The housing benefit cost is £553m over a 30-year appraisal period; over £18 m a year. This is to be offset by lower public subsidy of new homes built by RP (registered providers or housing associations) Also see Full Equalities Impact Assessment:

Shelter/Heriot Watt University Security of Tenure in Social Housing: an International Review 10 May 2011 Suzanne Patrick; Hal Pawson Secure,Rents,Allocations/Tenancy Conditions,Worklessness,Means Testing,Stigmatising,Waiting Lists & 2202
  Shows ineffectiveness of Fixed Term tenancies when used in similar conditions in New South Wales

CLG Local Decisions: Summary of responses to consultation 28 February 2011 Secure 1750

CLG Implementing self-financing for council housing 01 February 2011 Housing Finance 1752
  "This document sets out the rationale, methodology and financial parameters for our reforms to the council housing finance system in England - self-financing. It also outlines the wider policy context, including those policies that will support the successful implementation of this devolved system."

Hansard Second reading of Localism Bill - record of debate 17 January 2011 Secure 1590

Shelter Shelter response to: Local Decisions - a fairer future for social housing January 2011 03 January 2011 Secure,Affordable,Legal,Rents,Allocations/Tenancy Conditions,Means Testing 2211

Parliament Localism Bill 13 December 2010 ,Secure,Housing Finance,HRA Opt Out 1580

CLG Mixed Communities: Evidence review 22 November 2010 Secure 1573
  To date the evidence is limited that neighbourhood has a large effect on individual outcomes, over and above individual and household factors. Nor is there robust evidence that neighbourhood mix per se or changes to mix (over and above other neighbourhood characteristics) is influential& There are two principal mechanisms by which low income residents might be expected to benefit from mixed community approaches: area resources and social interactions. There is limited evidence that the new resources that may come with higher income residents (e.g. shops) either materialise or are beneficial to people on low incomes.& a consensus is emerging that groups tend not to actually mix. Mixed communities are more likely to deliver shared spaces, than to create broader social networks, positive role models and job finding opportunities&.It is not yet known whether the benefits of mixed communities (as opposed to other approaches) are justified by the costs& there are opportunity costs (for example in temporary or permanent loss of social housing or public assets). There may also be social costs, particularly displacement.

CLG Local decisions: a fairer future for social housing 22 November 2010 Affordable,Secure,Housing Finance,HRA Opt Out,Allocations/Tenancy Conditions 1570
  Consultation paper on proposals to remove security of tenure for new council and HA tenants, and introduce HA tenancies at 80% of market rents; also self-financing reform of the HRA.

Homes and Communities Agency Decent Homes Backlog Funding for Council Landlords 11-15 11 November 2010 Stock Transfer,ALMO,Decent Homes,Housing Finance 1565
  Proposals to make decent homes funding available to all councils with more than 10% homes non-decent, regardless of management arrangements - including those areas which voted no to transfer or ALMO. BUT not enough money - councils must find money to make last 10% of homes decent themselves.

CLG Review of social housing regulation 18 October 2010 Accountable,RSLs,Tenant Services Authority,Tenants Participation 1536

CIH Widening the Rental Housing Market 16 August 2010 Private Development,Affordable,Secure,Ownership 1482
  Makes useful point that the 'golden age of home-ownership' is at an end. However this report is basically pushing the idea of intermediate renting (especially public land being given away to create homes for intermediate rent); means-testing existing council and housing association housing; and creating a two-tier system with explicitly lower-quality housing for those living in council/RSL housing. Examples show how RSLs putting more and more effort into everything except managing social housing and are lobbying to diversify; also example of Local Housing Company proposed in Birmingham.

National Audit Office PFI in Housing 25 June 2010 PFI,Decent Homes,Social Housing,Build,Financial Problems,Housing Finance,DCLG,Audit Commission/NAO 1437

Shelter The forgotten households: Is intermediate housing meeting affordable housing needs? 12 June 2010 Shared/Intermediate 1449
  "Over the past five years the schemes have received huge amounts of government subsidy and accounted for 42 per cent of all affordable housing built, yet the report reveals that at least 866,000 low-income households are unable to afford even the cheapest government schemes...The average wage of households accessing low-cost home ownership is between £28,000 and £32,000, significantly higher than the national average wage of £21,700 and completely out of reach for households earning an average of just £16,000 a year...Shelter is calling on government to refocus investment from low-cost home ownership towards delivering more social rented housing and raising standards in the private rented sector where excluded households live."

National Housing Federation The Social Impact of Poor Housing 28 April 2010 Waiting Lists & Homeless,Impact of good housing 1421

CLG Council housing: A real future (consultation) 25 March 2010 Build Council Housing,Decent Homes,Housing Finance,HRA Review,Robbery,HRA Opt Out 1400
  Consultation on detailed self-financing reforms; with links to other supporting documents

CABE Who should build our homes? 15 December 2009 Local Housing Company,Private Development,Build,Property Values,Credit Crunch 1351
  Responses to recession and housing crisis all beginning from principle of ignoring the obvious (ie build council housing). Promotes various forms of public-private partnership, increased public subsidy for private investors, etc.

CIH HRA Reform: the really big issues 09 September 2009 Housing Finance,HRA Review,Robbery,HRA Opt Out 1295
  Govt reform plans will increase total council housing debt of £18bn, this is wrong. Calls for increase in amount allowed for management and maintenance.

Compass Don't Bet the House on it: no turning back to housing boom and bust 01 September 2009 Credit Crunch 1297

HQN The reform of council housing finance 01 September 2009 Housing Finance,HRA Review 1313

CLG Reform of council housing finance: Consultation 21 July 2009 Housing Finance 1881
  Report of review into council housing finance and first consultation on self-financing as a proposed solution

DCH Briefing on Review Statement 04 July 2009 Stock Transfer,Fourth Option,Housing Finance,HRA Review,Robbery,HRA Opt Out 1254
  Funding Breakthrough - now government must deliver. Govt offers level playing field with stock transfer but with strings attached of self-financing - tenants will not accept without protections and safeguards

Unite Building Britain out of Recession 17 June 2009 Build Council Housing,Credit Crunch,Trade Unions 1237

Tenant Services Authority Building a new regulatory framework 09 June 2009 Social Housing,Affordable,Secure,Accountable,Manage,Rents,Allocations/Tenancy Conditions,Tenant Serv 1230
  Includes attack on security of tenure

Fabian Society In the Mix: Narrowing the gap between public and private housing 01 May 2009 Social Housing,Secure,Worklessness 1204

Welsh Assembly Government Developing a modern regulatory framework for Housing Associations in Wales: consultation 30 April 2009 Tenants Satisfaction,RSLs,Governance,Wales 1203

Inside Housing Scrap tenancy for life, urges think tank 24 April 2009 Affordable,Secure,Allocations/Tenancy Conditions,Stigmatising,Tory Party 1194

Localis Principles for Social Housing Reform 21 April 2009 Secure,Allocations/Tenancy Conditions,Worklessness 1205

National Federation of ALMOs A future for ALMOs  within local communities 06 April 2009 ALMO 1193

Joseph Rowntree Foundation The impacts of housing stock transfers in urban Britain (Summary) 27 February 2009 Hal Pawson, Emma Davidson, James Morgan, Robert Sm Stock Transfer,RSLs 1142

Joseph Rowntree Foundation The Impacts of Housing Stock Transfer (Full Report) 27 February 2009 Hal Pawson, Emma Davidson, James Morgan, Robert Sm Stock Transfer,RSLs 1143

Scottish Government Housing Supply in Scotland 06 February 2009 Build,Scotland 1096
  The Housing Supply Task Force was established in 2007 to identify and tackle impediments to increasing the supply of housing across all tenures so that people across Scotland can access suitable housing that meets their needs and demands.

The 2020 Group Launch document 01 February 2009 Build Council Housing,Social Housing,Build,Credit Crunch,Waiting Lists & Homeless,Shelter 1182
  Calls for 100,000 new 'social' homes for rent to kickstart economy etc; includes councils as well as RSLs to build

The 2020 Group Fiscal Stimulus Paper 01 February 2009 Build Council Housing,Social Housing,Build,Credit Crunch,Waiting Lists & Homeless,Shelter 1183
  Detailed proposals for extra funding for RSL and council homes

APSE Consultation on changes to revenue and capital rules for new council housing 30 January 2009 Build Council Housing,Housing Bill,Housing Finance,HRA Review 1094

CIH New Rules to Encourage Councils to Build More Homes 30 January 2009 Build Council Housing,Housing Bill,Housing Finance,HRA Review,Chartered Institute of Housing 1093

CLG Decent Homes in the Social Sector - Statistics Reconciliation Project 2008 14 January 2009 Decent Homes 1035
  CLG report on progress towards achieving Decent Homes

CLG Local Authority Housing Statistics, England 2007/08 01 January 2009 Decent Homes,Waiting Lists & Homeless,DCLG 1034
  CLG annual report showing new figures on waiting lists and Decent Homes

Leeds Tenants Federation A History of the Tenants Movement in Leeds 01 January 2009 Tenants Movement 1725

DCLG Select Committee Oral evidence Housing and the Credit Crunch enquiry 17 December 2008 Credit Crunch 1009

DCLG Select Committee Written evidence Housing and the Credit Crunch enquiry 17 December 2008 Credit Crunch 1008

Centre for Social Justice Housing poverty 02 December 2008 Kate Davies Right to Buy,Allocations/Tenancy Conditions,Waiting Lists & Homeless,Worklessness,Stigmatising,Tory 967
  Up to 10 million social housing tenants should be rewarded for decent behaviour by giving them a stake in their property under radical new plans designed to break down the ghettos of Britains council estates, according to a new report from the think-tank set up by the former Conservative leader Iain Duncan Smith.

NHF Stock transfer hits 20th anniversary 01 December 2008 Stock Transfer,NHF,RSLs 1103
  Upbeat 20th anniversary self congratulations brochure produced by NHF Facts and Figures " In 76% of ballots tenants voted Yes to transfer " Stock transfer is a success story for 1.16m households by October 2008  thats more than 2.28m people " Stock transfer has brought in excess of £14bn of additional investment into neighbourhoods since 1985 Stock transfer gives: " Better, modernised homes " A new landlord which is not-for-profit " Protection for tenants key rights " A choice for tenants with a democratic ballot

Housing Corporation Analysing Key Trends in the Supply and Distribution of Social Housing Lettings 25 November 2008 Social Housing,Secure,Allocations/Tenancy Conditions,Waiting Lists & Homeless,Worklessness 998
  Refutes some of arguments used in stigmatising council housing: Big drop in number of new lets in council & RSL housing in decade to 2006/07; Despite this

Housing Corporation Low Cost Home Ownership: Affordability, Risks, and Issues 19 November 2008 Shared/Intermediate,RSLs 1007
  Examines effect of credit crunch on shared-ownership - problems for potential purchasers lack of mortgage availability and wrong sort of homes; problems for RSLs re falling income.

JRF ACHIEVING MOBILITY IN THE INTERMEDIATE HOUSING MARKET: MOVING UP AND MOVING ON? 07 November 2008 Alison Wallace Affordable,Ownership,Shared/Intermediate 921
  People in shared ownership schemes (shared owners) move less frequently than social or private sector tenants or people buying their home with a mortgage. Some shared owners are able to move on due to improvements in their financial position but many remain unable to afford a mortgage on a whole property.

Inside Housing Estates to be rent-only 07 November 2008 Build,Rents,Allocations/Tenancy Conditions,Homes & Commmunities Agency 913

CIG Housing Reform  Open Letter to Tenants 21 October 2008 Affordable,Secure,Worklessness,Means Testing,Stigmatising,Chartered Institute of Housing 888

CIH RETHINKING HOUSING 07 October 2008 Secure,Means Testing,Chartered Institute of Housing 858

NLGN Tenant empowerment - What the new regulatory regime must deliver 01 October 2008 Ian Keys Waiting Lists & Homeless,Worklessness,Means Testing,Stigmatising 911
  recommends market rents, the end of secure tenancies, forcing elderly tenants to leave their family homes once their children grow up, and intrusive advice sessions for tenants designed to bully them into the private sector. All wrapped up in the extraordinary and totally unsupported claim that this has something to do with tenant empowerment (Tenant Empowerment: What the new regulatory regime must deliver, New Local Government Network, October 2008).

Chartered Institute of Housing Review of Council Housing Finance - CIH Submission to the Review 01 September 2008 Housing Finance,HRA Opt Out 799

DWP Social Housing and Worklessness : Qualitative Research Findings 26 August 2008 Social Housing,Secure,Allocations/Tenancy Conditions,Worklessness,Stigmatising 800

Housing Corporation Emerging proposals for the National Tenant Voice 17 July 2008 DCLG,Tenants Participation,TPAS,Tenants Movement 730
  Draft proposals for setting up a National Tenants Voice. No mention of the regional conferences in July 2008 that TPAS organised - including the two London events that passed motions setting out terms for democracy and accountability...

CLG Facing the housing challenge: Action today, innovation for tomorrow 16 July 2008 Local Housing Company,Build,Ministerial Statements 729

Local Government Association My rent went to Whitehall 02 July 2008 Fourth Option,Housing Finance,HRA Opt Out,LGA 737
  Position paper on council housing finance - endorses several of campaign's key demands

JRF Responses from the JRF to the Housing Green Paper: Sustainable Home Ownership 02 July 2008 Affordable,Secure,Ownership,Reposession,Property Values 750

JRF Housing market recessions and sustainable homeownership ownership 02 July 2008 Affordable,Secure,Ownership,Reposession,Property Values 751

DCLG Evaluation of Social Homebuy Pilot Scheme for Affordable Housing 12 June 2008 Social Housing,Ownership 691
  Report into Social Homebuy (shared ownership scheme for RSL and council tenants) - scheme began in October 2005 - by December 2007 only 3 council households had taken it up.

Joseph Rowntree Foundation The Commission on Rural Housing in Wales 04 June 2008 Ownership,Property Values,Waiting Lists & Homeless,Wales 855
  Information on housing crisis in rural Wales

Welsh Assembly Government Affordable Housing Task and Finish Group Report (Essex review) 01 June 2008 Sue Essex Local Housing Company,Social Housing,Rents,Waiting Lists & Homeless,RSLs,Wales 856
  Major review of housing policy in Wales - comparable to Cave review in England - recommends less regulation and higher rents for RSLs. Includes synopsis of housing need and general policy in Wales.

CCHPR Understanding demographic, spatial and economic impacts on future affordable housing demand 27 May 2008 Allocations/Tenancy Conditions,Waiting Lists & Homeless,Hills 667

Citizens Advice Bureau Unfinished business: Housing associations compliance with the rent arrears pre-action protocol and use of Ground 8 21 May 2008 Secure,Reposession,RSLs 666
  Report concludes: although rent arrears guidance has reduced number of evictions by RSLs, a small number still avoid protocol and use ground 8; guidance minimal and not always complied with; use of ground 8 increasing in Wales; RSLs increasingly using assured shorthold tenancies; vulnerable tenants and those in low-paid work most at risk; RSLs main reason for using ground 8 is where they would not be likely to obtain possession if they used a discretionary ground; ground 8 is contributing to unnecessary homelessness.

LGA COUNCILS AND THE HOUSING 06 May 2008 Build Council Housing,Waiting Lists & Homeless,LGA 779
  LGA Report into rising waiting lists and need for councils to be able to build

DWP Social Housing and Worklessness 01 May 2008 Secure,Hills 644
  Report gives evidence to show claims made regarding link between council housing and worklessness are nonsense. Key findings - a) security of tenure improves chances of finding work; b) creating an income/tenure mix will not help situation; c)mobility to look for work isn't an issue d)there is no culture of dependency among council tenants. Also shows real cause of worklessness is insecurity and low pay within 'labour market'.

Housemark ALMOs and the new local government 01 April 2008 John Warburton ALMO 786

History & Policy Social housing and tenant participation 01 March 2008 Peter Shapely Tenants Participation 850

LGA Labour Group LGA Labour Group submission to the National Policy Forum, Sustainable Communities 01 March 2008 ALMO,Local Housing Company,Housing Finance,HRA Opt Out,Labour Party 735
  Page 13 from document sets out basis for new options...

History & Policy Social housing and tenant participation, Tenant action and tenant participation 01 March 2008 Peter Shapely Tenants Movement 598
  The government has announced that building social housing is again at the centre of future policy. Social (largely council) housing was a central part of social policy throughout the twentieth century up to the 1980s. Local authorities, with central government legislation and finance, were responsible for huge building and slum clearance programmes. There was a lack of tenant consultation and participation. From the late-1960s, there was increasing tenant dissatisfaction as small groups across the country protested, and trust between tenants and local authorities eroded. Tenant actions paralleled wider social changes which included an increased awareness of consumer rights and market choices. The benefits of a policy which encourages 'inclusion' and choice were highlighted with the rebuilding of Hulme in Manchester in the 1990s.

Fabian Society Lecture The Future of Social Housing 05 February 2008 Caroline Flint Secure,Worklessness,Means Testing 880
  Called for 'commitment contracts' from council tenants to look for work

C:G Fabian lecture Work 'commitment contracts' 05 February 2008 Caroline Flint Secure,Allocations Policy,Waiting Lists & Homeless,Means Testing,Ministerial Statements 561
  First speech by new Housing Minister Caroline Flint to Fabian Society repeated many of Ruth Kelly's February 2007 proposals aimed at stigmatising council tenants and council housing...

Shelter Cymru A Sustainable Option? Home ownership and mortgage possession actions in Wales 01 February 2008 Ownership,Reposession,Property Values,Waiting Lists & Homeless 854
  Reviews statistics on housing crisis in Wales where the house price rise in recent years, and mortgage repossession now, are proportionately higher than in England.

DCLG Evaluating Homelessness Prevention 10 December 2007 Heriot-Watt University Waiting Lists & Homeless 503
  Homelessness acceptances have dropped massively (though they should have risen) since 2003 when govt introduced a new official 'gatekeeping' strategy to reduce the figures; report sympathetic to the govt but still easy to see what's really going on.

London Councils Response to Draft Subsidy Determination 2008/09 06 December 2007 Housing Revenue Account 510
  Shows draft determination means London councils going further into negative subsidy; MRA to fall by 9% despite building costs inflation of 4-5%; continued failure to adequately fund M&M; reducing affordability for tenants.

Human City Institute Hills, Cave and After: Renewing Social Housing 30 November 2007 Hills,Cave 606
  Critique of Hills report - evidence from data shows a very different picture of social housing and the reasons for problems - concludes that reducing security of tenure is not the answer.

Housing Corporation Tackling Homelessness: Housing Associations and Local Authorities Working In Partnership 22 November 2007 Waiting Lists & Homeless,RSLs 492
  HAs in only 17% of areas had a significant role in homelessness prevention; HAs letting to statutorily homeless households v low - traditional HAs 13% of all general needs lets in 2005-06; 19% LSVT HAs. A large % of councils criticised HAs for not taking 'fair share' of homeless households. Housing associations less involved in the development of local homelessness strategies than current guidance advocates; majority of councils felt partnership working with HAs on homelessness did not work well.

Housing and Regeneration Bill - Impact Assessment 19 November 2007 DCLG Stock Transfer,Legal,Housing Bill,Housing Revenue Account,DCLG,Homes & Commmunities Agency 482

Government CLG Housing & Regeneration Bill 16 November 2007 CLG Stock Transfer,Local Housing Company,Private Development,Housing Bill,Ownership,Sale of Assets,Build 468

Firm Foundations: The Future of Housing in Scotland 31 October 2007 The Scottish Government ALMO,Private Development,Decent Homes,Right to Buy,Build Council Housing,RSLs,Hills,Scotland 483
  'Green Paper' for housing policy in Scotland

Shelter Housing association tenancies 06 July 2007 Stock Transfer,Secure,Shelter 522
  Shelter advice on the difference between different kins of tenancies offered by Housing Associations

Housing Corporation RSL Rents by RSL 01 July 2007 Rents,RSLs 504
  Housing Corporation info - lists average rents by RSL. Produced every year, to update go to

Housing Corporation Rents - comparison with RSL and LA by area 01 July 2007 Rents,RSLs 505
  Rents by local authority area - lists all the RSLs active in each area and their average rents and also the LA rent for comparison. Updated every year see

Housing Stock Options Appraisal 21 May 2007 London Borough of Camden Decent Homes,Sale of Assets 481
  Report to scrutiny with draft stock options appraisal

Case, LSE Ends & Means: The future roles of social housing in England 20 February 2007 Prof John Hills Affordable,Secure,Allocations/Tenancy Conditions,Waiting Lists & Homeless,Worklessness,Means Testing 887

Fabian Society Lecture The Future of Housing Policy 14 February 2007 Ruth Kelly Secure,Ownership,Means Testing,Hills 879

Shelter The Path to Success: research on Housing Benefit reform 01 October 2006 Affordable 1552
  Examines impact of paying HB direct to tenants in pathfinder areas; concludes doesn't bring rents down; only tiny proportion of rented properties in PRS available to HB claimants

Smith Institute Rethinking Social Housing 20 July 2006 Secure,Worklessness,Means Testing,Stigmatising 874
  Proposing to means test and time limit tenancies on the basis that 'social housing' encourages dependancy.

Housing Corporation With the Best of Intentions: Learning from Problem Cases 3 01 July 2006 Stock Transfer,RSLs,Tenants Participation 520

Cambridge Centre for Housing and Planning Research The Demand for Social Rented Housing  A Review of Data Sources and Supporting Case Study Material 31 March 2006 Build Council Housing,Social Housing,Waiting Lists & Homeless,Hills 607
  Data used by Human City Institute report. Shows reasons for changes in council households resulting from right-to-buy, shortage of new supply and demographic changes in country as a whole; more geographic mobility among council & RSL tenants than 'owner occupiers'; 700,000 'owner occupiers' would prefer to be council tenants;etc. Presents completely different picture than that put forward by Hills' report and others attempting to stigmatise council tenants.

UK Housing Review LSVT transfer receipt 06 December 2005 CIH Stock Transfer,Sale of Assets,Housing Finance,Chartered Institute of Housing 534
  Spreadsheet showing number of homes sold, transfer price, council debt, set up costs, useable receipt and net balance

UK Housing Review LSVT transfer receipt (pdf version) 06 December 2005 CIH Stock Transfer,Sale of Assets,Housing Finance,Chartered Institute of Housing 535
  Spreadsheet showing number of homes sold, transfer price, council debt, set up costs, useable receipt and net balance

Basingstoke Council Basingstoke: Stock transfer ten years on 01 October 2005 Ian Tilbury Stock Transfer,Affordable,RSLs,Governance,Tenants Participation 528
  Independent councillor assesses the experience of privatising council homes after ten years.

Shelter Cymru Homelessness and Stock Transfer 01 September 2005 Stock Transfer,Waiting Lists & Homeless 859

Tower Hamlets Law Centre Stock Transfer:Essential reading before you choose 01 June 2005 Stock Transfer,Secure,Legal 523
  Tower Hamlets Law Centre pamphlet setting out the differences between council secure and RSL assured tenancies.

Audit Commission Financing Council Housing 01 June 2005 Housing Finance,Audit Commission/NAO 736
  Argues that present system of financing council housing is 'perverse' and needs to be changed

CLG The Deputy Prime Minister's letter rebutting a 'fourth option' for Decent Homes 24 October 2004 Fourth Option,Decent Homes,Ministerial Statements 562
  Following increasing speculation, the Deputy Prime Minister wrote to the leaders of all stock owning local authorities on 24 October 2004 to state that there will be be no additional investment option (the 'fourth option') to deliver the Decent Homes Standard.

Housing Studies Association Conference Changing Boards: Emerging Tensions 15 April 2004 Liz Cairncross Stock Transfer,Accountable,Governance,Tenants Participation 526
  Summary of Liz Cairncross research paper on tenant empowerment 'Changing Boards, Emerging Tentions

Housing Studies Association Conference Tenants marginalised and powerless 15 April 2004 Liz Cairncross Stock Transfer,Accountable,Governance,Tenants Participation 527
  Summary of Liz Cairncross research and paper on tenant board members in RLSs

Wrexham Council The key to your future 01 November 2003 Stock Transfer 851

ODPM Estimation of the need to spend on maintenance and management in the Local Authority housing stock 01 June 2003 Building Research Establishment Decent,Housing Revenue Account,DCLG 469
  ODPM commissioned research by the Building Research Establishment that concluded that government was only funding M&M Allowances to 70% of need

House of Commons Rent rebates and local authority housing revenue accounts 16 November 2000 Wendy Wilson, HofC Library Decent,Housing Revenue Account 470
  Rent rebates, negative subsidy and Daylight Robbery

A short history of the tenants movement 01 August 2000 Tenants Movement 471
  Grayson, John

L&T Rev Large Scale Voluntary Transfer: not all honey and roses 01 January 2000 Jan Luba Stock Transfer,Secure,Legal 524
  Jan Luba QC 'takes a further look at some of the more problematic implications of the process for landlord and tenant law'.

House of Commons Library Rent levels, affordability and housing benefit 22 June 1998 Wendy Wilson Affordable,Housing Finance,Robbery,Rents 1039

THE HISTORY OF WYTHENSHAWE AND IT'S ENVIRONS Wythenshawe: chronology of UK tenants movement 19 January 1900 Tenants Movement 567
  Short history and chronology of tenants movement

IPPR housing united 19 January 1900 01/01/00 Rents,Worklessness,Means Testing 842

Behind the Rent Strike - 1974 19 January 1900 Tenants Movement 569
  Film on the Kirby Tower Hill rent strike against Housing Finance Act 1972

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