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Defending council housing in Wales

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Welsh Assembly Government

The government wants councils in Wales to sell off our homes - it's a scandal. They're spending millions of pounds promoting privatisation. It's crazy at a time when the private market is failing and we need secure, affordable council housing more than ever. Council housing may not be perfect, but it has served generations well. Despite 20 years of pressure from successive governments, tenants all over the UK keep rejecting privatisation, with more than 200 areas still owning council housing.
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Tenants in Swansea voted NO to privatisation in 2007
For years tenants in England have been told that transfer to a Registered Social Landlord means a safe, cuddly, local organisation. But the reality there is that RSLs are growing into increasingly large, commercialised organisations, with mergers and takeovers meaning most don't stay local long. In June 2008 the report from the Welsh Assembly Government's review of housing policy - known as the Essex Review - made it clear that Registered Social Landlords in Wales are starting to go the same way as those in England. Download DCH Case Against Transfer in Wales for more information.

Councils also claim that transfer to a 'community housing mutual' will somehow give tenants more power. Download our DCH Briefing on Community Mutuals to find out the other side of the story.

There is an alternative: the money is there to do up our homes. The government has been robbing rent accounts in Wales for years, as well as in the rest of the UK. They then have the cheek to offer this money back to us for the investment we need, but only if we accept the privatisation of our homes! They will write off debt for councils and make 'dowry' payments - but only if we transfer. Download DCH Briefing on Housing Finance in Wales for details.

Now is the time for tenants, trade unionists and politicians in Wales to join in the call for direct investment for council housing across the UK. Say NO to the privatisation of our homes, and tell politicians we want direct investment for council housing in Wales - without strings attached!

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