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DCH Briefings and Leaflets

Housing Act Summit 22 October   (Sep 2016)

Labour Conference meeting   (Sep 2016)

Action and events - Axe Housing Act   (Aug 2016)

18 June national march   (Jun 2016)

Housing Act Briefing   (Jun 2016)

Housing Bill at Parliament 3 May   (Apr 2016)

Housing Bill protest sleep out 15 April   (Apr 2016)

Kill the Housing Bill march 13 March   (Feb 2016)

Kill the Housing Bill - protest 5 January parliament   (Dec 2015)

Oppose NoHousing Bill   (Nov 2015)

DCH at Labour conference   (Sep 2015)

!3 June Summit timetable   (Jun 2015)

No More Benefit Cuts 13 June   (May 2015)

Tenants & Housing Summit   (May 2015)

March for Aylesbury   (Feb 2015)

March for Homes   (Nov 2014)

DCH at TUC 2014   (Aug 2014)

Update briefing Sept 2013   (Sep 2013)

Axe Bedroom Tax 27 July   (Jul 2013)

Stop Benefit Cuts - Stop Bedroom Tax   (Mar 2013)

No Bedroom Tax evictions   (Sep 2012)

DCH_LabourConf2012   (Sep 2012)

Leeds Welfare Reform conference Oct 2012   (Sep 2012)

Housing Emergency Freud protest 23 May   (May 2012)

Election Briefing April 2012   (Apr 2012)

Meeting with Ken Loach, Owen Jones, Stephen Battersby and more 21 Feb at House of Commons - Download here   (Jan 2012)

  (Dec 2011)

Protest Leaflet 15th Nov   (Oct 2011)

Briefing on Localism Bill   (Oct 2011)

Westminster Protest leaflet   (Oct 2011)

Meeting leaflet Labour Conf 2011   (Sep 2011)

Autumn events leaflet   (Jul 2011)

Briefing on Localism Bill   (May 2011)

Housing Emergency Tenants Conference   (Apr 2011)

Programme for Lobby Feb 2011   (Feb 2011)

DCH Briefing Jan 2011   (Jan 2011)

Leaflet for Lobby Feb 2011   (Dec 2010)

Leaflet for Housing Emergency Protest Dec 2010   (Nov 2010)

DCH Briefing on Security Of Tenure   (Sep 2010)

DCH Briefing Aug 2010   (Aug 2010)

DCH Briefing Note  on ALMOs lobbying to expand and diversify   (Aug 2010)

DCH Briefing Note  on ALMOs experiencing funding problems   (Aug 2010)

Questions To Ask On Self-Financing   (Mar 2010)

DCH Conference 2010 Programme   (Mar 2010)

DCH Briefing Sep 09   (Sep 2009)

The Moneys There: debt write-off, gap funding and receipts   (Jun 2009)

DCH Budget Briefing   (May 2009)

Fully Funding Allowances: calculating level of need   (Mar 2009)

Report of MPs Inquiry   (Feb 2009)

Stock Transfer Briefing   (Nov 2008)

DCH Briefing on Housing Finance in Wales   (Jun 2008)

DCH Briefing on Housing Crisis in Wales   (Jun 2008)

Case Against Transfer in Wales   (Jun 2008)

Case Against PFI   (Dec 2007)

DCH ALMO Factsheet   (Dec 2007)

Community Gateway   (Dec 2007)

Hills and Cave Issues   (Dec 2007)

Rents   (Dec 2007)

Service charges   (Dec 2007)

Privatisation   (Dec 2007)

Mergers and Takeovers   (Dec 2007)

DCH Response to Hills Report   (Feb 2007)

DCH Briefing on Community Mutuals   (Jun 2006)

DCH Briefing   (Aug 2005)

DCH Archive (some)
DCH 2008 conference draft policy statement (November 2008)
Briefing Pressure swings pendulum back to council housing' (August 2008)
Briefing on amendments to Housing Bill (Feb 2008)
Briefing 2nd Reading Housing Bill (Nov 2007)
Bulletin Labour Party conference (Sept 2007)
Interim Response to Housing Green Paper (July 2007)
Briefing for supporters (Feb 2007)
Newspaper national campaign (Oct 2006)
Bulletin Labour Conference delegates (September 2006)
Interim Response to DCLG Discussion Paper (June 2006)
Bulletin DCH National Conference flyer (March 2006)
Bulletin Post-Lobby Special (February 2006)
Bulletin Lobby Special (February 2006)
Bulletin Pre-Lobby (January 2006)
Leaflet for Labour Party Conference (Sept 2004)
Leaflet for TUC Conference (Sept 2004)
Briefing produced for House of Commons Council Housing group (June 2004)
Briefing produced for House of Commons Council Housing group enquiry (May 2004)
Invitation from House of Commons Council Housing group to Labour Spring Conference (March 2004)
leaflet (Feb 2004)
DCH 2003 conference report (May 2003)
MPs Briefing
Briefing for Lobby of Parliament (Jan 2003)
Money is there (July 2002)
Pressures on (June 2002)
Turning the tide (April 2002);
Turn up the heat (March 2002);
Response to White Paper (Jan 2002);
Byers Commitment (Oct 2001)
September 22nd (2001) leaflet front and back.
Useful information in 'Election Briefing' for candidates produced after discussion at the 'Feds Convention' (2001).
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