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Press articles for background reading

Articles in the housing press provide essential background reading. Tenants reps and councillors need to see the full picture. Tenants reps should ask their council to pay for subscriptions - they all say they want us to be well informed.
The default to this page is to display all articles for the last six months. Use the Search facility to find articles related to a particular issue/subject. See also DCH Press Statements (that often don't get reported)

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All recent articles (since 15 Jun 2018)
Red Brick Rent roulette from Stalin to Mr Bean 11 December 2018 4848 Grenfell Tower unsuitable for occupation and 'stay-put' 11 December 2018 4849
Labour Briefing Radicalising Labour's housing policy 06 December 2018 4847
Morning Star Housing is a massive problem that isn't going away 03 December 2018 4846
Swindon tenants group The limits of 'Borrowing to Build' 02 December 2018 4845
Swindon tenants group No to above inflation social housing rent rises 02 November 2018 4844
Guardian Salford Mayor: 31 October 2018 4843
Inside Housing HRA cap to be scrapped for Welsh councils 30 October 2018 4841
Guardian Number of homeless moved out of London soars 30 October 2018 4842
Inside Housing OBR; Scrapping borrowing cap will only deliver 9,000 homes 29 October 2018 4840 Potential for £320 bn windfall from new social housing 28 October 2018 4839
Guardian Who protects tenants from rogue landlords? 24 October 2018 4838
Morning Star Labour needs to put council housing at top of priorities list 19 October 2018 4837
Inside Housing Existing council tenants should not bear cost of new building 11 October 2018 4836
Swindon tenants group Labour's housing policy after Liverpool 05 October 2018 4835
Swindon tenants group Tinkering with Right to Buy rules 23 August 2018 4834
Swindon tenants group No to more council housing stock transfers 19 August 2018 4833
Guardian May's housing cash pledge not enough, council leaders warn 21 July 2018 4832
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