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Press articles for background reading

Articles in the housing press provide essential background reading. Tenants reps and councillors need to see the full picture. Tenants reps should ask their council to pay for subscriptions - they all say they want us to be well informed.
The default to this page is to display all articles for the last six months. Use the Search facility to find articles related to a particular issue/subject. See also DCH Press Statements (that often don't get reported)

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(From) Inside Housing Why Labour should commit £10 billion a year for council housing 04 October 2019 4875
Labour Briefing Fundamental chanmge in Labour's housing policy 04 October 2019 4874
Housing Today Labour conference housing policy round-up 02 October 2019 4873
Inside Housing Dispatches from Labour Party conference 02 October 2019 4872 Labour conferencfe backs building 155,000 social rent homes a year 02 October 2019 4871
Morning Star Labour needs clear policies with council housing at their core 21 September 2019 4870 LGA goes 'gloves off' over Right to Buy reform 24 August 2019 4869
'i' Newspaper Council House scandal 31 July 2019 4868
Guardian Norwich - social housing revolution 17 July 2019 4867
Inside Housing Flexible tenure plan could halt repossession crisis 9 February 2007
Inside Housing Plea for Europe’s billions 9 February 2007
Inside Housing Social home building halves in seven years 9 February 2007
London Survey highlights concerns over affordable housing 7 February 2007
BBC No place like home... 4 February 2007
Inside Housing Brown to be quizzed on poverty targets shortfall 1 February 2007
Inside Housing Council’s homelessness policy illegal 1 February 2007
Inside Housing Repossessions soar by 65 per cent in a single year 1 February 2007
Inside Housing Homeless pushed into private rented sector 1 February 2007
Inside Housing Flotation considered by many of sector’s big hitters 26 January 2007
Inside Housing Cornwall fails to consult tenants on takeover plan 26 January 2007
Guardian Housing that will make you feel good 17 January 2007
BBC Council extends home buying curbs 15 January 2007
Guardian Social housing flotations rejected 15 January 2007
Inside Housing Associations told: you’re not listening to tenants 12 January 2007
Inside Housing Blair's bequest 12 January 2007
Inside Housing One third of employers ditch final salary pensions 12 January 2007
Inside Housing Associations eager to seize investment opportunity 12 January 2007
Inside Housing Pinnacle’s profits climb by more than 50 per cent 5 January 2007
Inside Housing Finance corporation to offer loans at bargain price 5 January 2007
Inside Housing Transfer plans push councillor to switch sides 5 January 2007
Inside Housing Second thoughts 5 January 2007
Inside Housing Structural imbalance 15 December 2006
Inside Housing Great expectations (Scottish transfers) 14 December 2006
Inside Housing Federation cries foul over anti-stock transfer advert 14 December 2006
Inside Housing Leading ALMOs forced to make cuts 8 December 2006
BBC Tenants fight ALMO 2 December 2006
The Press Exposed: £554K spent on vote 2 December 2006
Inside Housing Fourth negative ballot puts transfer policy in spotlight 23 November 2006
Inside Housing Duo could form biggest UK provider 23 November 2006
Inside Housing Complacency must not hold back estate progress 23 November 2006
Inside Housing Rouse: cuts mean more associations will go under 23 November 2006
BBC Tenants reject housing transfer 22 November 2006
BBC Many council estates 'improving' 21 November 2006
Salisbury Journal Volunteers battle to save council houses 11 November 2006
Guardian The tenants' rebellion 11 November 2006
Inside Housing End of the line for Scottish transfer 9 November 2006
BBC Scotland: Housing policy collapse? 1 November 2006
Inside Housing ‘Financial backsliding’ could deny tenants a decent home 27 October 2006
Inside Housing Profitable rent hikes in the pipeline as inflation peaks 27 October 2006
Public Finanace Decent homes delay angers Almos 27 October 2006
Inside Housing Council pushed regulator to lower own ALMO’s rating 27 October 2006
Glasgow Herald Homes transfer will cost £500m 26 October 2006
Inside Housing Scottish Executive rapped as tenants scupper transfers 20 October 2006
Inside Housing Record number of stock transfers to be put on hold 20 October 2006
Inside Housing Whitehall warns: extend 2010 spending deadline or final funding round blocked 20 October 2006
Inside Housing Corporation contemplates scrutiny powers for councils 20 October 2006
Inside Housing Livingstone seeks bigger say on landlords’ budgets 20 October 2006
Inside Housing High earners in affordable homes dispute 20 October 2006
Inside Housing Changing the guard 20 October 2006
Inside Housing Pensions doubt stalls proposed Wales merger 20 October 2006
Scunthorpe Telegraph Soaring salaries for senior housing staff 15 October 2006
BBC Key worker housing 'mis-sold' 15 October 2006
BBC Pensioner Homes Threatened 12 October 2006
Public Finanace Labour promises fresh look at fourth option 6 October 2006
Inside Housing Decent deadline stretched 6 October 2006
Inside Housing Tower Hamlets’ agenda of choice stopped in its tracks 6 October 2006
Inside Housing Tories vow to let providers off the regulatory leash 6 October 2006
Guardian First homes out of reach of majority of recent graduates 6 October 2006
Socialist Worker Tower Hamlets tenants’ victory over housing privatisation 6 October 2006
Inside Housing Brown's grand ambition 29 September 2006 Tower Hamlets residents say 'no' to stock transfer 29 September 2006
Inside Housing Cooper wades into tenancy for life debate 29 September 2006
Inside Housing Anger at one day’s notice for Tower Hamlets ballot 29 September 2006
Inside Housing Labour conference hears critics of ownership drive 29 September 2006
Socialist Worker Labour Party conference delegates vote for council housing - for third time 27 September 2006 Labour leadership suffers conference defeat over council housing 27 September 2006
Guardian Labour leadership defeated over housing 27 September 2006
Socialist Worker Tenants’ ‘independent’ adviser accused of backing privatisers 27 September 2006
Local London Housing company holds closure plan 27 September 2006
Guardian Home improvement plan is unaffordable, says Kelly 26 September 2006
Public Finanace RSL tenants ‘want more choice’ 22 September 2006
Guardian Concern raised over housing's fat cats 20 September 2006
News Shopper We won’t be moved 20 September 2006 'Rent rise scandal in Brighton' 18 September 2006
Salisbury Journal Tenants' adviser issues apology over VAT bills 15 September 2006
Inside Housing Money box bonuses 15 September 2006
Inside Housing ‘Fourth option’ debate to ignite Labour conference 15 September 2006
Public Finance Comment – Confused? You will be, by John Perry 15 September 2006
Inside Housing ‘No justice’ in salary hikes 15 September 2006
Inside Housing Kelly’s review throws up challenge to tenancy for life 15 September 2006
Guardian Unlimited Kelly reneges on social housing promise 6 September 2006
Guardian The home ownership horse looks set to run and run 23 August 2006
Inside Housing Right to buy sales figures hit rock bottom 18 August 2006
Inside Housing Police launch lettings fraud probe at GHA 18 August 2006
Inside Housing ALMOs could revolutionise service delivery 18 August 2006
Inside Housing Two years to spend £1.5 billion 18 August 2006
Inside Housing Freedoms in return for cash 11 August 2006
Inside Housing Motion to derail Labour’s housing policy unveiled 11 August 2006
Inside Housing Nottingham City Homes’ £73m shortfall 11 August 2006
Inside Housing Parties join to oppose council’s last ditch ALMO bid 11 August 2006
Inside Housing ALMOs to weigh up value of pushing work past 2010 11 August 2006
The Times The cracked road to rack and ruin 28 July 2006 First-time buyers face '£5,000 deposit shortfall' 21 July 2006
Daily Mail Home improvements 'will save NHS millions' 20 July 2006
Guardian Housing affordability could hit 15-year low 19 July 2006 Rising interest rates 'to hit home buyers' 19 July 2006 London property gap 'at its widest' 18 July 2006
Guardian House prices to soar 50% within six years 17 July 2006 New surge in UK house prices 17 July 2006
Inside Housing Sector debt likely to rocket by 2010 14 July 2006
Inside Housing English Churches group drops job cuts bombshell 14 July 2006
Inside Housing London mayor handed housing powers 13 July 2006
Inside Housing MPs strike out at lack of progress on ‘fourth option’ 7 July 2006
Public Finance Private firm applies to become RSL 7 July 2006
Inside Housing Ballot on hold as Liverpool awaits funding 7 July 2006
Inside Housing No vote council’s rents set to rocket 7 July 2006
Inside Housing Retaining councils told to push for cash choices 30 June 2006
Inside Housing Opt out pilot landlords must prove case by March 30 June 2006
Mirror Homes Crisis: Price of poverty 1 rent rises fund other areas 22 June 2006 Health and education 'will suffer without better housing' 21 June 2006
Guardian Battle of the boundary 21 June 2006 Homelessness charity Shelter hails MPs housing report 20 June 2006 Kelly announces 'independent assessment' of social housing 20 June 2006
Inside Housing Housing Corporation: take tenants’ voices seriously 16 June 2006
Inside Housing Riverside to rescue ECHG 16 June 2006
Inside Housing Welsh landlords face battle to meet housing standard 16 June 2006
Inside Housing Dykes steps into breach at Three Valleys 16 June 2006
Inside Housing Camden quick to bid for revenue account opt out 16 June 2006
Inside Housing Kelly ushers in new era 9 June 2006
Inside Housing Life beyond decent homes lies in hands of tenants 9 June 2006
Inside Housing Tower Hamlets puts foot down on late transfer 9 June 2006
Guardian Government drops council house repair deadline 7 June 2006
Public Finance Still no fourth option? 2 June 2006
Inside Housing ALMOs warn of service cuts if revenue slumps 2 June 2006
Inside Housing Contract concerns threaten sales of subsidised homes 2 June 2006
Guardian MPs out of touch on housing concerns 24 May 2006
Inside Housing Mutual transfer storm brewing 26 May 2006
Inside Housing Housing proves decisive in upheaval at local elections 12 May 2006
Inside Housing Fourth option’ working party stalls at starting block 12 May 2006
Inside Housing Resurrected fund to plug transfer gap left dormant 12 May 2006
Inside Housing Associations’ costs rocket due to ‘complexity’ of task 5 May 2006
BBC Politics Show Housing boom 21 April 2006
Birmingham Mail Tenants vote against housing switch 21 April 2006
Public Finance Councils meeting housing target set up lobby body 21 April 2006
Inside Housing Probe into why councillors left ALMO board 21 April 2006
Public Finance Housing finance faces cracks in its foundations 21 April 2006
Inside Housing Councils join forces to lobby for fourth option 14 April 2006
BBC Council housing staff suspended 13 April 2006
Inside Housing Sell-offs enter talks agenda 7 April 2006
Inside Housing Too many tenants on board places governance at risk 7 April 2006
Inside Housing Housing a hot topic in run up to local elections 7 April 2006
Inside Housing Right to buy cash banked 7 April 2006
Scunthorpe Telegraph 'Guilty' of taking letterbox leaflets 25 March 2006
Inside Housing Social tenants say ownership is not for them 24 March 2006
Inside Housing Consortium on course despite REITs set back 24 March 2006
Public Finance Councils ‘lose out’ on rents 24 March 2006
Inside Housing Watchdog questions value of Scottish stock transfers 24 March 2006
Inside Housing Decent homes benchmark set to take community turn 24 March 2006
Inside Housing Landlords warned against selling homes to boost profit 17 March 2006
Inside Housing No to Selby transfer as Lincolnshire ballot hots up 16 March 2006
Nottingham Evening Post 'Fast lane to front of queue' 13 March 2006
Inside Housing Two year old association placed under supervision 10 March 2006
Inside Housing Shoreline housing association seeks to shed staff 10 March 2006 Housing tenants vote to stay with council 10 March 2006
Inside Housing Italian ruling puts ALMOs’ future freedoms at risk 10 March 2006
Inside Housing Brand manager to champion housing associations’ cause 10 March 2006
Inside Housing Executive publicly rules out full second stage transfer 10 March 2006
Borehamwood & Elstree Times Housing merger survey worries 9 March 2006
Scunthorpe Telegraph Claim: Leaflets taken from doors 9 March 2006
Inside Housing £165m out of reach as NCH gets single star 3 March 2006
Public Finance Include us in housing finance reform, say councils 3 March 2006
Inside Housing Activists plan raft of legal challenges to stock choices 3 March 2006
Inside Housing £350m hole scuppers transfers 3 March 2006
BBC Tenants vote for council landlord 25 February 2006
Inside Housing An unhealthy balance 24 February 2006
BBC Housing body raises budget fears 24 February 2006
Inside Housing ODPM delays sign off due to fear of legal threat 24 February 2006
Inside Housing Programme delays leave round six ALMOs in limbo 24 February 2006
BBC Families step up fight over homes 22 February 2006
BBC Scheme builds new council houses 22 February 2006
Guardian Record numbers waiting for housing 21 February 2006 Council housing crisis soars 21 February 2006
BBC Politics Show Housing stock 19 February 2006
BBC Housing the UK's rising population 17 February 2006
Inside Housing Fourth option fighters claim victory 16 February 2006
Public Finance Councils lobby to keep homes 16 February 2006
Surrey Mirror Parliament lobbied in homes sell off row 16 February 2006
Inside Housing Brixen case puts ALMOs on red alert over contracts 16 February 2006
Guardian Government signals new council housing policy 13 February 2006
Liverpool Daily Post A bitter war of words in homes vote battle 13 February 2006
Edinburgh News Chisholm hints at rent debt cut 11 February 2006
Inside Housing Ruling endangers 2010 goal 10 February 2006
Inside Housing Residents sent ballot papers in posting error 10 February 2006
Guardian Poor people, poor homes 8 Feb 2006
Daily Mirror Councils were safe as houses 8 Feb 2006
BBC Council house anger 3 Feb 2006
Indymedia UK Tenant activist kicked off Waverley Tenants Panel 30 January 2006
Inside Housing ALMOs in the dark as news on cash freedoms stalls 27 January 2006
Inside Housing ALMO set to miss two stars and funding chance 27 January 2006
Daily Telegraph 'Bullying' Prescott accused of hitting the poor 26 January 2006
Macclesfield Express Labour leader sacked from council housing sell-off panel after exposing £22m ‘loss’ 25 January 2006
Shields Gazette Keeping House 24 January 2006
Liverpool Echo MP seeking vote probe 16 January 2006
Leeds Evening Post Homes management scheme in debt crisis 10 January 2006
Inside Housing Topping the charts 6 January 2006
Inside Housing ALMOs play for extra time to meet decent homes goal 6 January 2006
Guardian Politics of the housing vote 5 January 2006
Guardian Battle for council housing 4 January 2006
Guardian Listen to the residents 3 January 2006
Guardian Council delays tenants' vote on controversial housing transfer 3 January 2006
BBC Union demands housing assurances 3 January 2006
Scunthorpe Telegraph Goverment to Buckle? 22 December 2005
Inside Housing Hard fought Sefton transfer battle ends with a yes 16 December 2005
BBC Residents reject housing transfer 15 December 2005
Guardian Edinburgh council tenants reject homes transfer 15 December 2005
Guardian Tenants vote for transfer after acrimonious campaign 14 December 2005
Guardian Council workers walk out in support of 'victimised' colleague 13 December 2005
Guardian Second tenant 'no' vote blocks home repairs 12 December 2005
Guardian Council delays controversial vote on homes 7 December 2005
Inside Housing Thrifty spending revealed as Labour fails to inject cash 1 December 2005
Inside Housing Tests show freedom for ALMOs comes at a price 1 December 2005
Joseph Rowntree Treasury's housing windfalls 'should be used to tackle growing homes crisis' 1 December 2005
Guardian Call for 60,000 extra social rented homes 30 November 2005
Guardian Strike at Tower Hamlets after campaigner loses job 28 November 2005
Edinburgh Evening News MP slams 'privatisation' plans for Capital's council housing stock 15 November 2005
Daily Telegraph Why the family home is starting to fill up again 15 November 2005
Sunday Mirror Waiting for a council housing... 1.5 million families 13 November 2005
Sunday Mirror Voice of the Sunday Mirror: End Homes Crisis Now, Mr Prescott 13 November 2005
Observer Council house queue grows to 1.5m families 13 November 2005
Inside Housing Tenants fear rent increases will lead to new ghettos 10 November 2005
Inside Housing GHA faces legal action after taking direct control of LHOs 10 November 2005
Inside Housing ‘Mega association’ on the cards as UK tries to keep up 10 November 2005
Inside Housing Board member suspended at Nottingham ALMO 10 November 2005
Guardian Government attacked over rent rises 9 November 2005
Guardian Council faces more strikes over sacked activists 7 November 2005
Inside Housing Ownership drive could threaten welfare state 4 November 2005
Inside Housing Tax-free surpluses ruling offers arm’s-length savings 4 November 2005
Inside Housing GHA regains control but promises transfer still on 4 November 2005
Inside Housing ALMOs on building path 4 November 2005
Inside Housing ALMOs join forces to build profits and provide services 31 October 2005
Inside Housing In safe hands 28 October 2005
Public Finance Almo board members to receive pay 28 October 2005
Inside Housing Miliband’s confusing role queried by MPs’ committee 28 October 2005
Inside Housing GHA’s transfer plans on rocky road 27 October 2005
Guardian Charity accused of betraying roots by selling homes 26 October 2005
Guardian 500,000 households live in cramped conditions says Shelter 24 October 2005
Inside Housing Local authorities look to end arm’s-length control 21 October 2005
Inside Housing Under performing ALMOs face axe from programme 21 October 2005
Guardian The verbal smokescreen that hides dangerous government 14 October 2005
Public Finance Not over ‘til it’s over 14 October 2005
Guardian Excessive social housing blights communities, minister says 13 October 2005
Guardian Warning over affordable homes shortage 11 October 2005
Guardian Defying sense 6 October 2005
Inside Housing Fourth option protesters vow to corner Miliband 6 October 2005
Guardian These paranoid myth-makers are cheating council tenants 5 October 2005
Inside Housing Welsh councils appeal for new options on quality 5 October 2005
Daily Mirror Labour at Brighton: Unity Unity Unity 30 September 2005
Guardian Rebuff for ministers on council homes funding 30 September 2005
BBC Labour leaders lose housing vote 29 September 2005
Guardian Labour told to invest more in council homes 29 September 2005
Inside Housing Conference debate delivers blow to ministers 29 September 2005
Inside Housing Look after your tenants, chief urges 29 September 2005
Guardian The scandal of the Aylesbury estate 28 September 2005
Inside Housing The people’s programme 16 September 2005
Inside Housing Vote buying probe launched 3 September 2005
Inside Housing Slice of life (home ownership) 3 September 2005
Shelter New Shelter research explodes home ownership myth 20 August 2005
Public Finance RSL sues council over the value of transferred homes 20 August 2005
Inside Housing Appraisals fuel doubts over decent homes target 5 August 2005
Sunderland Echo Behind closed doors 3 August 2005
BBC Action Network Tenants Halt Council House Transfers 28 July 2005
Daily Mirror Lock Out: 30% Only of first-time buyers can afford home 26 July 2005
Guardian Film shows failure of PFI scheme 26 July 2005
Guardian Ministers stall rent reforms 22 July 2005
Daily Mirror BLAIR HOME SALES SNUB 21 July 2005
Guardian Blair defeated in battle of the Almo 21 July 2005
Sunderland Echo SHG accused of being economical with truth 20 July 2005
Guardian PM's constituents reject housing transfer 20 July 2005
Inside Housing Mergers pressed to prove efficiency 20 July 2005
Guardian Anger over council housing 'dirty tricks' 30 June 2005
Guardian Our very own Enron 28 June 2005
BBC News Row over council house transfers 20 June 2005
Northern Echo Council is accused of dirty tricks over tenants ballot 24 June 2005
Sunderland Echo Housing group paid for independent probe 23 June 2005
Inside Housing Council funding regime condemned as ‘perverse’ 20 June 2005
Inside Housing Refurbishment PFI must stop 20 June 2005
The Mirror HOMES CRISIS PRICE OF POVERTY 1 Rent rises fund other areas 22 June 2005
Guardian Councils 'will miss targets to mend houses' 22 June 2005
Northern Echo North's council tenants help fund London housing bill 22 June 2005
Guardian Government admits problems with PFI home repairs 22 June 2005
Inside Housing Whitehall nervous over ALMO borrowing freedom 17 June 2005
Guardian Public housing door opens to private developers 9 June 2005
Guardian No democracy in property 4 June 2005
Guardian Quango leak undermines home owning push 2 June 2005
Guardian Your chance of a home ... area by area 28 May 2005
Guardian One in five transfer landlords needs supervision 25 May 2005
Inside Housing Reforms spark arrears fears 20 May 2005
Inside Housing Efficiency gains ‘can keep tax down’ 20 May 2005
Inside Housing Review on hold after survey ‘errors’ 20 May 2005
Guardian A radical lesson for Blair 18 May 2005
Guardian Government to replace housing benefit 17 May 2005
Guardian Row erupts over council sell-off 18 May 2005
Guardian There may be trouble ahead... 12 May 2005
Guardian Talks aim to create joint biggest housing association 9 May 2005
Inside Housing ALMOs look to axe council contracts 5 May 2005
Inside Housing Residents turn backs on Labour over demolition 29 April 2005
Housing Today Homeless kept out of stock transfer homes 29 April 2005
Inside Housing Stock transfer chiefs fuel vote debate 29 April 2005
Inside Housing ALMOs on brink of freedom 22 April 2005
BBC Politics Show SE It sounds too good to be true 20 March 2005
Sunderland Echo Terry and Mary's last stand 18 March 2005
Guardian Government told to invest more in homes 17 March 2005
Guardian Letters - campaigning for the best deal 17 March 2005
Guardian Letters - myths about housing stock transfers 16 March 2005
Guardian Minister admits defeat on pledge 16 March 2005
Sunderland Echo 6,200 Homes gone - just 93 built 15 March 2005
Guardian Sold for the sake of it 15 March 2005
Inside Housing Decent homes task force faces axe 11 March 2005
Inside Housing Performance now no bar to release of gap funding 11 March 2005
Guardian Limited choice 3 March 2005
Guardian Plug pulled on flagship homes deal 24 February 2005
Guardian Lib Dems make housing pledge 24 February 2005
Guardian Selling off democracy 23 February 2005
Guardian I know what I'd do 18 February 2005
East London Advertiser Housing choice: Council chief gets a grilling 17 February 2005
The Journal Heavyweight plan to halt rebellion 11 February 2005
Inside Housing Bids leave no comfort zone 11 February 2005
Housing Today You’ll need a better excuse than that 11 February 2005
Housing Today Welsh council could borrow money to upgrade stock 11 February 2005
Inside Housing Blair ordered rent rise halt 3 December 2004
Guardian Homes votes 'like Ukrainian elections' 25 November 2004
Inside Housing Tough line on transfer 19 November 2004
Guardian Prescott defeated on council housing vote 4 November 2004
Inside Housing Tenants’ choice ‘hardly a choice at all’ 4 November 2004
Guardian Dobson attacks government homes policy 1 November 2004
Campaign Group News Listen to conference - stop stock transfers 1 November 2004
Inside Housing Government attacked on choice agenda 29 October 2004
Guardian Tenants 'blackmailed' into housing transfers 29 October 2004
Tribune Don't renege on level playing field 27 October 2004
Guardian Government accused of homes transfer 'sham' 19 October 2004
Housing Today Councils voice confusion over fourth funding option muddle 8 October 2004
London Housing Should councils have to transfer their housing to an ALMO? 4 October 2004
Public Finance Timing scuppers fourth housing option deal 1 October 2004
Guardian A level paying field 28 September 2004
Guardian Ministers in talks on future of homes policy 28 September 2004
Guardian Prescott seeks to avert conference housing row 22 September 2004
Inside Housing ALMO ownership by 2006 3 September 2004
Guardian Council housing transfer plans 'betray' tenants 3 September 2004
Guardian Prescott faces rebellion over council homes 26 July 2004
Guardian Give council tenants a real choice 5 July 2004
Guardian Let us decide 29 June 2004
Guardian MPs demand choice for council tenants 25 June 2004
Guardian Minister stands by decent homes pledge 17 June 2004
Guardian What matters is what works 16 June 2004
Guardian Government reneges on housing pledge 10 June 2004
Guardian Tenants reject homes transfer for second time 19 May 2004
Guardian MPs attack 'dogmatic' housing policy 7 May 2004
Guardian Prescott revives sink estate sales 5 May 2004
Guardian Tenants 'marginalised' on housing boards 15 April 2004
Guardian Dobson attacks council homes policy 11 Feb 2004
Guardian Comment No choice 2 Feb 2004
Inside Housing Transfer literature ‘was biased’ 30 Jan 2004
Guardian Comment "When is a promise not a promise?" 28 Jan 2004
Guardian Minister refuses to back down over unpopular transfer policy 28 Jan 2004
Inside Housing Hill offers hope to councils 16 Jan 2004
Guardian When tenants say no 16 Jan 2004
Guardian Effectiveness of Housing Corporation 16 January 2003
Guardian Housing transfers: the issue explained 13 January 2004
Guardian Camden tenants call government's bluff 13 Jan 2004
Guardian Council home defenders urge ministerial rethink 12 Jan 2004
Guardian 'Shockwaves' as tenants veto housing management switch 9 Jan 2004
Guardian Court rejects move to halt council house switch 9 Jan 2004
Housing Today Camden loses ALMO vote 9 Jan 2004
Inside Housing Camden ALMO plans in tatters after ballot 9 Jan 2004
London Housing When the Minister met tenants December 2003
Inside Housing Investigation promised as ballot is branded ‘insult to democracy’ 5 December 2003
Inside Housing Hill faces tough questions 2 December 2003
Inside Housing Authority to embark on pioneering ALMO transfer 4 December 2003
Inside Housing Authority to embark on pioneering ALMO transfer 30 May 2003
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