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The Case for council housing in 21st Century Britain
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New DCH pamphlet - The Case for council housing in 21st Century Britain DCH has produced a new 98 page pamphlet bringing together 31 articles from leading tenant activists, MPs, trade unionists, councillors and academics.
Get your organisation to bulk order (@£2.50 each) printed copies to distribute to tenants reps, councillors and trade unionists in your area.

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Introduction Austin Mitchell MP
Why council housing is desirable and we need more of it Michael Meacher MP
Housing plays a critical role Dave Prentis
What is the Housing Problem? Peter Ambrose
Housing Policy Failures and the Rise of Extremism John Cruddas MP
Civil Servants want investment in council housing too Mark Serwotka
Choice must be genuine Paul Holmes MP
There was a community! Dot Gibson
Securing a sustainable future for council housing Darren Johnson, London Assembly Member
Birmingham cries out for investment in council housing Lynne Jones MP
Housing Associations not the answer Gerald Kaufman MP
Cambridge: A tale of two ballots John Marais
Stop the bullying in Tower Hamlets Cllr. Ahmed Hussain
Mid Devon: Affront to democracy if 'fourth option' denied Cllr. David Nation
Resistance to transfer in Wales Paul Lynch
New research on RSLs: rents, supervision and mergers Vic Warren
Sunderland: Transfer is a one-way ticket Cllr. Mike Tansey
West Lancs Vote No and demand robbery stop Cllr. Jane Roberts
Glasgow failure fuels tenants opposition Jenni Marrow
Scotland: 'Affordable' Home Ownership Scams Frank Ward
Losing Direct Labour's contribution Davy Brockett
Our Labour government should implement the party's policy Derek Simpson
Labour Party supports 'Fourth Option' Jim Kennedy
Independent tenants movement John Grayson
Ideology subverts social housing Dexter Whitfield
'Moonlight Robbery' must end now Brian Pordage
Funding the 'Fourth Option' Lesley Carty
Why we're fighting Eileen Short
Time for 'honest debate' Jack Dromey
Conclusion Alan Walter