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Council calls for action against Government on RTB2
Milton Keynes full Council passed a motion condemning extension of Right to Buy (RTB2) last night (16.09.15).
'The Council condemns the Conservative Governments scheme and resolves to:
(a) work with other neighbouring authorities and housing associations to oppose the current Conservative government proposals;
(b) work with housing associations, developers and other interested parties to find innovative ways to build more affordable homes and to begin to redress the chronic shortage; and
(c) write to both Members of Parliament to insist that they:
(i) show their public support for this Councils position;
(ii) speak up in Parliament for more social and affordable housing, and not less; and
(iii) demand a genuine one for one replacement but not at the cost of losing more Milton Keynes Council housing.
See full motion here.
18 Sep 2015


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