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DCH on terms of Grenfell Inquiry
The Grenfell Inquiry is consulting on what issues it should look at. They say: 'The Inquiry will need to examine all relevant circumstances leading up to and surrounding the fire at Grenfell Tower, its spread to the whole of the building, and its effect on residents'.
Defend Council Housing has sent a submission, saying 'We strongly submit that national and local government policies relating to the funding, management, maintenance and supervision of council housing in England, is a central issue which must be addressed by the Inquiry, if it is to make a meaningful contribution to avoiding further disasters.'

We are that 'to change the context in which the Grenfell Fire happened, the government should:
" Fully fund all fire safety reviews and implementation of recommendations
" Cancel the inflated and fictitious debt loaded onto council tenants via the HRA
" Fund the backlog of major repairs to achieve decent safe home standards in all council homes.'

The former leader of Kensington and Chelsea council has said Grenfell tenants were offered a choice, of a sprinkler system or modernised kitchens and bathrooms. This is an example of the unacceptable choices presented to council tenants and leaseholders, and described as consultation, over three decades. Read the full submission from DCH to the Grenfell Inquiry here.

02 Aug 2017


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