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Sheffield tenants vote to end ALMO
Sheffield tenants voted by 88.2% to scrap housing arms-length management.
Sheffield tenants and trade unions campaigned for the management of council housing to come back to the Council, to make it directly accountable to tenants and voters, and to rule out the threat of two-stage privatisation.
Leaflets, meetings and campaigning at consultation events, letters and photos in the local paper, a stunt outside the Town Hall, touring estates with a loudspeaker - all helped to raise awareness of the importance of this vote for the future of council housing.
Sheffield Council is inviting people to get involved in the change over. Sheffield Trades Unions and tenants say they aim to 'restore the former high tenancy and employment standards of Council owned and managed council housing. Trade union branches and individual trade unionists and their families are requested to seriously consider how they are able to get involved.'

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21 Feb 2012


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