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Stop privatisation; improve existing and build a new generation of first class council housing
Build Council homes not Bedroom Tax
Tenants protesting against the Bedroom Tax next Saturday are voicing growing anger at the Government's disastrous housing policies.
Protests in London, Cardiff and Glasgow and across Britain are rejecting the injustice of cuts to housing benefit hitting the worst off. The Budget on 20th March directs more £millions of public funding to developers and lenders, and in bigger discounts for Right to Buy, but does nothing to build the new generation of council housing we urgently need. Thousands will join the protests on Sat 30th to voice anger at rising distress, debt and homelessness, caused by Government policies - not by tenants. For details of Bedroom Tax protests this Saturday 30th see map here and list here. Eleven Councils have agreed not to evict those in arrears due to the bedroom tax. And Nottingham Council will ensure many tenants are not hit, by redesignating all tower block flats as one bedroom. DCH and tenants groups have joined with Disabled People Against Cuts, Right to Work, PCS and Unite trade unions, anti Bedroom Tax, Workfare and benefit cuts campaigners in a united Benefit Justice campaign.
A second Benefit Justice summit on 11 May in central London will draw together the growing campaigns, to work out a strategy to end benefit cuts and stop evictions. See and sign the Benefit Justice statement here. Notes
Sat 30th protests map here and list here.
Nottingham redesignates flats as one-beds
Councils that say they will not evict tenants due to the Bedroom Tax. Although not unconditional, these statements give confidence to tenants opposing benefit cuts, and encourage others to demands the same from their Councils:
Nine councils in Scotland say no bedroom tax evictions
Darlington - no evictions due to bedroom tax
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